产品名称 Clamp Filters
系列名 ZCAT Series
类型名 A type
产品编号 ZCAT2235-1030A


产品供应状态 PROD
表面安装分类 No
主体横宽(L) Nom 35 m m
外径尺寸 Nom 21.5 m m
内径尺寸 Nom 10 m m
支持电缆形状 Round/Oval Cable
适用电缆外径(mm) 8 to 10
阻抗 Min 50 Ohm
阻抗测定频率 Nom 50 M Hz
使用温度范围 Min -40 Cel
Max 85 Cel
保存温度范围 Min -40 Cel
Max 85 Cel
重量 Nom 26 g
概要 Unique plastic case ensures simple, convenient installation and includes a self-holding mechanism to prevent slippage on cables.
用途 Personal computers, word processors, monitors, hard disk drives, digital telephones, audio devices, electronic musical instruments, video games, copiers and facsimiles.
特点 A type means Cable fixed type( hold the cable to secure it with the main body).
Ferrite core provides excellent absorption of high-frequency EMC.
Highly effective as countermeasure against common mode EMC without adverse effect on signal quality.
Large core size prevents saturation during large signal surges.
包装形式 Box
最少包装数 Nom 400 Pcs
最少供货数 Nom 400 Pcs